Get compliant with recycling laws
all across Europe!

Packaging Waste Law | WEEE & Battery | Textile & Furniture EPR

By using our digital consulting services, you can simply fulfill your obligations for packaging waste, WEEE & EPR compliance in all European countries yourself – cheaper than ever. We explain in a simply way how you can realise your individual compliance – or take over the entire process of registration in the Premium Service for you.

You can purchase our digital service for selected countries or for all of Europe.

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ecosistant compliance management services

Our customers recommend us
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This is our service for you:

Figure out your own recycling obligations.

ecosistant offers the security your business needs in international e-commerce.
Get compliant with all recycling laws for pan-European e-commerce! Including international packaging waste laws, WEEE-directive, and EPR for textiles and furniture: With our digital compliance consulting service, you receive simple step-by-step guides for each of your target markets and will never again lose time researching waste laws.

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When selling cross-border to end-consumers abroad, you need to get compliant with waste legislation in your target countries. Each EU member state has their own laws, recycling schemes, and institutions.

In which countries does your business have obligations for recycling from local waste laws? By answering short questionnaires, ecosistant can analyze your individual recycling obligations for each country.

All recycling laws for e-commerce in Europe are included:

  • Packaging waste law analysis
  • WEEE & Battery law analysis
  • Textile EPR analysis
  • Furniture & Mattress EPR analysis

If you do have obligations for the recycling of your packaging or products in a country, ecosistant will provide:

  • simple step-by-step guides
  • English-speaking contacts of agencies, representatives, and recommended recycling schemes for each country
  • Estimate of costs: What cost can you expect in each country? (recycling fees, registration fees, …)
  • Additional information, e.g. requirements for mandatory recycling symbols

Our compliance guides are individually tailored towards your business and easy to follow. Save the cost of expensive compliance consultants and simply build your processes internally with the know-how of ecosistant!

Laws are constantly changing. Do you really want to research every year, over and over?

We will handle this for you! Always stay up-to-date on changing requirements with an active ecosistant subscription! We inform you automatically about any changes that could affect your business in your countries.

You can also retake the questionnaires to reassess your obligations at any time, if your business grows abroad. Never take any risks thanks to ecosistant.

You do not have internal resources to fulfill your compliance internationally? Do you want to outsource all tasks to experts?

No problem! Request your individual offer, and our experienced compliance consultants can take over for you.

We recommend our Premium-Service to bigger online shops with high turnover abroad. For SMEs or startups, our digital service is typically more cost-efficient.

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That's how simple it works:

We help you to fulfil your obligations in just 3 steps.

Choose your countries

Select the countries you ship to. You can always add more countries later on.


Answer a short questionnaire

Our questions are designed to evaluate your needs. You will receive your own individualized compliance manual.


Follow your manual*

Check off your to-do-list for each country and fulfil your CSR & compliance obligations step by step. That's it!

*or select "Premium Service" & let us handle everything - from implemantation to licensing - for you.

Order now and get started!

"Per Country" and "All of Europe" is our digital consulting service: you will get all information about EPR and perform the registration yourself.
If you choose our "Premium-Service", we fulfill your EPR obligations including all necessary registrations for you.

Per Country

Digital Compliance Consulting

  • Individual information for your target-markets
  • Information on mandatory recycling symbols
  • Always up-to-date
  • Find licensed compliance schemes
  • Optional: Add-on for WEEE & Batteries, Textile, and Furniture EPR per country
from € 24.90

next year from only € 17.90
per year & per country (excl. VAT)

Select Country-Service
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All of Europe

Compliance – everywhere!

  • All features from Country-Service included
  • Europe-wide for 30 countries
  • Comprehensive report on EU mandatory recycling symbols
  • All future updates included
  • Save more than 45%
  • Best value for money
  • Optional: Add-on for WEEE & Batteries, Textile, and Furniture EPR Europe-wide
from € 399.-

next year from only € 299.-
(only €13.30 / €9.97 per country excl. VAT)

Select Europe-Service
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Lean back, we handle this!

  • We take over registration and data declaration with compliance schemes in all countries
  • Get your EPR-numbers from us
  • For packaging or for any other EPR waste stream (WEEE, Textile, Furnitrue…)
  • Support with mandatory recycling symbols
  • More time for your core-business
  • Personal account manager
Price on request

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Get the perfect overview

with our digital compliance-service

  • Simply take packaging EPR compliance across Europe in your own hands with the help of our detailed manuals.
  • Individual information and strategies for each country, tailored for your business.
  • Save time and money – we show you the most efficient and low-cost way to fulfill your compliance needs in all your European markets.
  • In case of mandatory recycling symbols for packaging, relevant information are included in your manual
  • Have the best partner in each country – we only introduce you to official and reliable compliance schemes & authorized representatives.
  • Laws and regulations for recycling in each country change frequently. Your obligations may change as your business grows. Always stay up-to-date due to a convenient subscription model.
  • Not only packaging must be licensed for recycling in Europe! Benefit from our compliance-services for electronic goods (WEEE) & batteries, textiles, shoes, furniture, and mattrasses if needed. (optionally available as add-ons.)
  • Make your supply chain sustainable and fulfill your corporate social responsibility.

You pay only € 24.90 per country (excl. VAT) at purchase and receive our digital packaging EPR consulting service for 12 months. Guides for further EPR waste streams are available from an additional € 5.- per country if needed.

After that, we will charge you only € 17.90 per country (excl. VAT) for the following year. Additional waste streams from only € 3.- per country. The same renewal fee will be charged for each additional year, unless the contract is cancelled subject to a 30-day cancellation period by the next renewal. Cancellation is possible from the first year. The fee covers our consulting service; recycling-fees are not included.

Start with our Country-Service now and purchase additional countries or waste streams later or flexibly upgrade to our Europe-Service or Premium-Service at any time.

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Get the whole picture of your compliance

with our Europe-Service

  • To which countries can I ship legally without paying for recycling (due to minimum-thresholds or other exemptions)?
  • In which countries do I have obligations for recycling?
  • Which recycling symbols are mandatory on packaging when selling across Europe?
  • How can I fulfill my recycling obligations efficiently, what are the right institutions, how much will the recycling cost?

Our digital compliance service will answer these questions for you and support your compliance-management, fully automated and to the lowest possible cost. Thanks to our convenient subscription-based service, you will never waste time on researching recycling laws and regulations ever again – we will keep you always up-to-date!

  • All features of our Country-Service are included – you save more than 45%!
  • Lowest price in the first year – and even cheaper in all following years!
  • The optimum solution for startups, SMEs and online shops with EU-shipping.

You pay only € 399.- (or € 13.30 per country) excl. VAT at purchase and receive our full consulting service for Europe-wide packaging EPR for 12 months. Additional guides for other waste streams (WEEE & Batteries, Textile EPR, Furniture EPR) are available from only € 100.- for 12 months.

After that, we will charge you only € 299.- (or € 9.97 per country) excl. VAT for the following year for packaging EPR, and additional waste streams from only € 70. The same renewal fee will be charged for each additional year, unless the contract is cancelled subject to a 30-day cancellation period by the next renewal. Cancellation is possible from the first year. The fee covers our consulting service; recycling-fees are not included.

The service includes all information for 30 countries: All 27 EU member states, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK. Start with our Europe-Service now and flexibly add new waste streams or upgrade to Premium at any time – even for individual countries.

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Leave it all to us!

with our Premium-Service

Too many countries, too complicated? You want to focus on your core-business?

  • Get a personal account manager by your side.
  • We take over all your tasks – from registration and communication with compliance schemes to your frequent data declarations in each country 1)
  • Less complexity – only one point of contact for all European countries.
  • We offer add-on Premium-Services, such as consulting services or support with the creation of the obligatory recycling symbols on product- and shipping-packaging in Europe.2)
  • Ideal for big players and online shops with extensive export turnover and complex supply chains.

Request your non-binding Premium-Service proposal now.

1) Some tasks require your participation. We will inform you about all details once we receive your non-binding request for proposal
2) Our Premium Service for EPR compliance and our recycling labelling service are separate services which can be purchased independently – our team of consultants are happy to provide you individual offers for both services.

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Free Germany-Service

More than just a free trial version!

Online sellers get all compliance-guides for the German packaging law, WEEE- & battery legislation. 
Free of charge, ideal for trying ecosistant! Upgrade for other countries or the All-of-Europe-Service possible at any time.
The free manual also includes discount codes for the packaging license of Dual Systems and the best prices for the WEEE Authorized Representative Service in Germany.

What our customers say:

We highly recommend Ecosistant, it is easy to use and understand and the team there is amazing, always happy to help answering any additional questions. We would like to especially thank Cassandra for always helping us with our questions and doubts.
Laura Sardi
Laura Sardi
Great people with a great product, I am really happy to work with this platform.
Raffaella Belletti (Raffi)
Raffaella Belletti (Raffi)
Ich kann Ecosistant wirklich Jedem empfehlen, der Handel in Europa betreibt. Wir haben am Anfang versucht uns alleine durch den Dschungel der ganzen Gesetze zu wühlen und haben uns dann, zum Glück, doch dazu entschieden die Firma Ecosistant zu beauftragen. Betreut werden wir durch Herrn Kuhlmey. Herr Kuhlmey ist wirklich super. Immer nett, freundlich, hilfsbereit, erreichbar. Man hat das Gefühl, dass wirklich Interesse an dem eigenen Unternehmen besteht, man ist nicht einfach nur eine Nummer, bei der das Standardprogramm runtergespult wird. Man hat eine wirklich super, persönliche und auf sich zugeschnittene Betreuung.
Eric Kreiner
Eric Kreiner
Danke Herr Kuhlmey für die große Hilfe zum Eco Design Plan Frankreich. Ihr Portal ist ebenfalls sehr zu empfehlen 🙂
Margo Himsworth
Margo Himsworth
A very friendly, helpful and clear explanation of the different countries and systems. Maxime certainly went the extra mile, thank you.
Sidsel Andersen
Sidsel Andersen
Great service and good videos online
Nadine B.
Nadine B.
Wunderbarer Service! Helfen sofort kompetent weiter.
Malene Praestegaard
Malene Praestegaard
Kan kun give de bedste anbefalinger til Ecosistant... Genial platform, som giver et super overblik med steps over hvad du er forpligtiget til samt links til at du selv kan lave indberetninger. Herudover en fantastisk hurtig og kompentent dialog med Maxime fra Ecosistant, som i den grad har hjulpet mig videre med opgaven. TOP-rating herfra 🙂
Hannah Clevett
Hannah Clevett
I couldn't recommend Ecosistant highly enough. I have been stressed and confused over the varying EPR regulations and compliance schemes across the EU for a while now, and just one 30 minute call with Maxime was enough to put my mind at rest. So helpful, and approachable, and very quick to respond. All information is available on the dashboard, but even if you have additional queries, the team are there to help. Thank you!
Axel R
Axel R
Sehr gute Zusammenarbeit. Sie erleichtern einem wirklich die Arbeit in dem EPR-Dschungel.

Do you still have questions?

Simply write us a message
or take a look at our FAQs.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

If you sell cross-border to end-consumers in different countries of Europe, (almost) every country has different laws for the recycling of packaging or products, that you must follow. Typically, you as a retailer (that places packaged goods on the market) need to join national recycling schemes and pay fees for recycling (“extended producer responsibility”).

Since the laws and obligations differ by country, it is almost impossible without the help of experts to get compliant with the waste laws of each country.

ecosistant, the first digital consultant for recycling compliance across Europe, can change this for you: Get easy-to-follow compliance guides tailored to your business needs, and always stay up-to-date with our subscription-based service!

Find out more about the perks of using ecosistant here:

This is how ecosistant works

Amazon (and other marketplaces or fulfillment providers) are obligated by law to check whether sellers fulfill their compliance in their target-countries. But also when selling via one’s own online store, businesses must abide by these laws.

ecosistant is not a recycling scheme, but a (digital) consultant and intermediary. With our guides you can easily find the best recycling schemes in each country to get the required proof of compliance for Amazon. For example:

  • Germany: packaging, electronics, batteries
  • France: packaging, electronics, batteries, textiles and furniture
  • overall in 30 countries (EU27, UK, Norway, Switzerland)

With our Premium-Service, you can also outsource your full recycling compliance management to our experts. You will then receive the required certificates for Amazon directly from us.

Find out more about the perks of using ecosistant here:

Our services

You can find an overview of all prices for our service packages here. This overview includes the prices at your purchase as well as the price for the subscription-renewal after 12 months.

Recycling-fees or registration-fees for compliance schemes or waste registers are not included in our service fees. However, our service does include a cost estimation for when you fulfill your compliance, based on your information for each country. (administrative fees, register fees, recycling fees, fees for authorized representatives, …)

Unfortunately we cannot forecast these costs before you use ecosistant, because they depend on various individual factors. The cost analysis is therefore part of our digital consulting service.

As a rough estimate, the minimum cost for packaging waste compliance is on average €50 to €150 per country. For electronics or batteries, you can expect minimum €500 per country (on average). The costs vary largely by country and are also dependent on your products and type of packaging. Use ecosistant to get a more precise forecast of what costs you can expect for each country.

This is included in our service

With so-called “Full-Service”-offers, online retailers often pay more for the service than for the actual recycling of their products and packaging. In our opinion, this does not make sense and is not sustainable at all.

That is why at ecosistant, we want to “cut the middleman” for our clients, and offer a better balance for SMEs and startups. Thanks to the complete digitization of our consulting service, we can offer ecosistant for prices so low that “real” consultants would start sweating.

Nevertheless, a “Full-Service” can make sense for large online shops that sell a lot abroad, since the balance between service cost and recycling fees is better. If you are interested in outsourcing your compliance management, feel free to request a offer for our Premium-Service:

Our services

Our digital service always come with a 12-month subscription-period. The subscription is a special service to always keep your compliance up-to-date to save you time and reduce your risk. This is important, because regulations in each country are often being changed for the new calendar year or during the year, or because your company growth (sales volumes, packaging quantities) may lead to different obligations than before.

In short: With an active ecosistant subscription, you will never again need to do research on waste legislation – we will handle this for you!

You can, however, cancel your subscription already in the first year (with a 30 days’ notice by the end of the subscription period). Please note that in this case, you will no longer get updates after your subscription ends.

More about Compliance-Monitoring

ecosistant GmbH is an aspiring startup from the heart of Berlin, Germany. We are Andreas (CEO), Johannes (CTO), and a small group of experienced compliance consultants that have gathered around us. Since April 2020, we have been operating the first completely digitized information-platform for European packaging- and waste laws.

Opposite of our competitors, we do not come from waste-management, but have our roots in e-commerce ourselves. Thus, we understand the difficulties and challenges of international e-commerce better than anyone else.

Thousands of happy customers from the e-commerce realm are already using our services. We hope that you will soon be one of them. 🙂

More about us