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Do you sell electronic products or batteries on the European market? Do you ship directly from abroad to end consumers in Germany? Then according to §8 of the ElektroG you need an authorized representative for your WEEE registration with the German Stiftung ear.

As your WEEE authorised representative, we take care of all your obligations according to the ElektroG in Germany!

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What is the ElektroG about?

Anyone who sells electronic products from abroad to end consumers in Germany through an online shop must appoint a WEEE authorised representative in Germany. In this way, international companies also comply with their obligations to collect and recycle used electrical products in Germany. Those who ignore these obligations risk possible penalties of up to €100,000.

What is a WEEE authorization?

Companies without their own office in Germany cannot register themselves with the Stiftung ear. Instead, you must appoint a representative in Germany to take over the provisions of the ElektroG for you.

ecosistant can be the WEEE authorized representative for your online business and offers you an all-round carefree package.

What is the "Stiftung EAR"?

The Stiftung ear is a foundation. It is the central registration body in Germany for manufacturers of electrical and electronic devices, distributors and authorised representatives in accordance with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).

It monitors and coordinates the proper collection and disposal of WEEE and compliance with the associated legal obligations. The Stiftung ear ensures that companies receive their WEEE registration number and publishes a list of registered companies.

 ecosistant keeps you safe as an e-commerce company in Europe.

Our WEEE service includes

Our all-in-one WEEE Service to comply with the German ElektroG and BattG includes for you:

  • Authorized representative towards authorities and take-back systems
  • Registration of your brands and WEEE categories with Stiftung ear
  • Ensuring proper disposal/treatment in accordance with ElektroG & BattG
  • Insolvency proof guarantee
  • Contact person and fulfilment of all notification obligations towards the Stiftung ear
  • Monthly and annual reporting to the Stiftung ear
  • Logistics on demand for take-back-orders from the Stiftung ear

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Your enquiry about WEEE

FAQ to our WEEE service

Still any questions left? – Maybe our FAQ will can help you. If not, we are looking forward receiving your individual enquiry.

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ecosistant, as your WEEE authorized representative in Germany, fulfills all your obligations under the ElektroG for you if you place electronic devices on the market in Germany. If your products contain batteries or rechargeable batteries, we can also fulfill your collection and recycling obligations under the BattG. For this purpose, we have contracts with disposal companies operating throughout Germany.

If you place electronic products on the market in Germany from abroad, e.g. when selling them via an online shop or marketplaces such as Amazon, then yes. In this case, you either need your own branch or subsidiary in Germany to take over your obligations under the ElektroG for you, or you authorise an expert such as ecosistant to fulfil your extended producer responsibility (EPR).

We only need some documents from you during the registration process, such as a current extract from the commercial register. We will clarify all details with you in our onboarding process.

Once registered, you will need to provide regular data on your electrical equipment sales and batteries (quantities/weights placed on the market per month), if applicable, so that we can report this data to the ear Foundation.

You must also provide your WEEE Reg. No. to online marketplaces, if applicable, and in your imprint.

We will take care of everything else for you, i.e. registration, provision of the insolvency-proof guarantee, fulfilling collection and disposal orders, communication with waste disposal companies and authorities, etc.

Amazon and other online marketplaces as well as fulfilment providers are obliged to check the WEEE Reg. No. (also known as EPR Number for electrical appliances).

You will receive this number after a successful registration with the ear foundation. As your authorized representative, ecosistant will forward the number to you immediately after receiving it.

The processing time of the Stiftung ear is normally around 8-10 weeks, but can also take longer in exceptional cases. Unfortunately, we at ecosistant cannot influence this. We would recommend allowing at least 8-10 weeks. Don’t waste any time and request a quote from us today.

Yes, in general, a WEEE authorised representative must be appointed in each EU member state and various third countries to take over the collection and recycling obligations of manufacturers and online retailers of electrical equipment.

As a German company, ecosistant can only be your WEEE authorized representative in Germany, but we also offer an international or Europe-wide EPR & WEEE Management Service. Our digital advice service provides you with a full overview of your recycling obligations, simple step-by-step instructions and contact details for recommended authorised representatives and take-back systems. In our premium service, we take care of compliance management for you across Europe, so you have just one point of contact for the whole of Europe. Here you will find all information about our services:

To the EPR service

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