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Want to know more about the circular economy, packaging- and product compliance, CSR and other topics related to sustainability in e-commerce? Then this is the right blog for you!

But even for your private life we have some exciting tips and guides for a more sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy reading!

Triman Logo e-commerce ecosistant

The Triman Logo: Obligations for e-commerce in France

The Triman Logo is probably the most important recycling symbol in e-commerce. At least for online shops which ship to France. However, many sellers still don’t seem to know about it. What is important and how to use the Triman Logo? We’ll explain.

durchgestrichene Mülltonne Abfalltonne Kennzeichnungspflicht

WEEE symbol: Labelling obligation for online retailers

The WEEE symbol indicates to consumers which devices may not be disposed of in household waste but must be collected separately. Here you can find out whether you, as an online retailer operating throughout Europe, are obliged to use the symbol with or without the bar.

Marktüberwachungsverordnung EU

New EU Market Surveillance Regulation

On 16 July 2021, the European Market Surveillance Regulation came into full force. It is intended to prevent consumers from being put at risk by non-EU-compliant products. It also creates better conditions for fair competition. Find out here what the new EU regulation means for online trade.

Packaging_Law Italy Labelling Obligation

Packaging law in Italy calls for labelling obligations

The packaging law in Italy imposes a strict labelling obligation. Online retailers are obliged to label packaging that they place on the market in Italy. The environmental labelling standards must be complied with. In this article we explain what to look out for when making deliveries to Italy.

WEEE Richtlinie EU: Elektrogeräte international verkaufen

EU WEEE Directive: How to sell electronics online internationally

Have you tried to sell electronics online in the EU? The WEEE directive makes it difficult for e-commerce sellers and startups to sell electronic products internationally. In this article, we explain the EU WEEE directive of 2012 (latest revision 2018) and its implication on your online business. What is the WEEE directive of the European [...]

Müll richtig trennen was gehört in welche Tonne

How to separate waste correctly in Germany

Recycling only works if waste is disposed of properly. In Germany, the different bins and containers can be quite confusing for many people. That's why you can find everything you need to know about how to separate waste correctly in Germany here.

Verpackungsgesetz in Spanien | Packaging law Spain

Packaging law in Spain: Guidelines for e-commerce

Due to the EU packaging waste directive, each member state has enforced their own laws that govern the recycling of packaging. In this article, we explain the key characteristics of the Spanish packaging law. Read on if you sell directly to consumers in Spain.

3000 Bäume pflanzen durch Spenden

3000 new trees! Plant trees with every purchase on ecosistant!

Our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects allows us to donate a part of our income from every purchase for the planting of trees. Thus, 3000 trees will be planted for all customers from the previous year.

Abmahnsicherer Versand ins Ausland - ecosistant & Händlerbund

Compliance checklist 2021 and beyond

Ecommerce is growing so rapidly that legislators can barely catch up. Uur compliance checklist 2021 is meant to provide you an insight into what to expect in terms of ecommerce compliance in the next year(s).

CO2 Fußabdruck von Website oder Online Shop berechnen / CO2 website calculator

Website Carbon Footprint: How much CO2 does my Online Shop emit?

Awareness for the enormous energy consumption of the internet and digital media is on the rise. Various tools are available to assess the carbon footprint of websites or online stores. We explain how it's done and what measures you can take to reduce CO2 emissions.

Anleitung: Das LUCID Verpackungsregister einsehen & registrieren | Packaging Register LUCID

The German packaging register LUCID: How to register & navigate LUCID

The German ZSVR agency started the packaging register LUCID in January 2019. Since then, all companies that sell products to German consumers are required to register and declare their annual packaging weights.

Verpackungsgesetz in Frankreich: Verpackungslizenzierung für Onlinehändler einfach erklärt. (Packaging Law France)

Packaging law in France: a guide for e-commerce

In accordance with the EU packaging waste directive, any business that sells packaged goods to French end-consumers needs to register their packaging with a French recycling scheme. What else is to know about the packaging law in France? Read our quick guide for cross-border e-commerce.

Abmahnsicherer Versand ins Ausland

Selling internationally: 5 major obstacles of international e-commerce

Translate your online store to English and you are ready to sell overseas! Right? Well, not exactly! Selling internationally comes with a whole lot of new risks and responsibilities. We explain how to overcome 5 common challenges of international e-commerce.

Verpackungsregister im Ausland: Polen BDO Register / BDO Nummer - ecosistant

Packaging register in the EU: In these 5 countries it’s required

The German packaging register LUCID is already well known. But other countries in the EU have publicly accessible waste- and packaging registers, too. Companies that are not registered risk high penalties.

Nachhaltige Verpackungen - sustainable packaging for e-commerce

Sustainable packaging for sustainable success

Consumers today value sustainability more than ever. But what is particularly important for your long-term success in e-commerce? In this article, we will show you all you need to know about purchasing sustainable packaging.

Nachhaltige alternativen zu Einwegplastik

Sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic

Since single-use plastic will soon be abolished by law, there are now many eco-friendly alternatives. Especially for dishes & cutlery. We present the best sustainable alternatives here.

Woolcool Isolierverpackungen Kühlverpackungen Versand

Woolcool – Sustainable packaging made from sheep’s wool

A wool scarf, yes - but wool packaging? The British company Woolcool has launched sustainable wool packaging and proves that it even works as a delivery box for frozen products.

Gebühren für Verpackungslizenzen

Are the fees for packaging compliance too expensive?

Online retailers often complain about the high fees for packaging compliance. And that is understandable. The fees imposed on e-commerce businesses by compliance schemes can be quite a burden, especially for small online shops. But is this really caused by the fees charged for packaging waste recycling? And how high are these fees anyway?

unDraw free illustrations for websites

Shoutout to unDraw: free illustrations for websites

No matter if you want to build a tech-startup website, e-commerce website, or just a personal blog: unDraw offers free illustrations for websites! Here's why we recommend it.

Corona Krise Plastikkonsum

The Corona crisis and increased plastic consumption

Does the Corona crisis increase plastic consumption? Especially when it comes to food, many consumers are buying again more products packaged in plastic.

Entrepreneurs for Future Unternehmen Klimaschutz

Entrepreneurs for Future: Companies unite against climate change

Many companies unite against climate change. The school protests known as Fridays for Future started last year and had a major global impact on fighting the climate crisis. Under the label Entrepreneurs for Future, many companies have joined forces with the protesters against climate change. Besides Fridays for Future and Scientists for Future, Entrepreneurs for [...]

Nachhaltigkeit im E-Commerce

Sustainability in e-commerce – 5 things that environmentally conscious customers expect

Sustainability in e-commerce is getting more and more important. Here are 5 things environmentally conscious customers expect from online shops.

schwarzes plastik nicht recyclebar

Why black plastic is particularly harmful to the environment and can hardly be recycled

The Criticism of plastic and its excessive consumption has been going on for many years. However, what many do not know is that black plastic is particularly harmful to the environment and can hardly be recycled. Black plastic is found in almost every household. It looks fancier and more elegant, but aesthetics have their price. [...]

Verpackungslizenz Kosten

German packaging law: cheap packaging license for e-commerce

We are often being asked about costs for the packaging license in Germany. Costs for these licenses often put a high burden on small online retailers and startups. However, there are also cheap offers on the market...

Kreislaufwirtschaft im E-Commerce

The concept of a circular economy – Why a new vision for e-commerce is necessary

What is a circular economy? How far are we still from this 'utopia'? And how is this connected with your online shop? We've collected some interesting facts for you in this blog post...

corona nachhaltigkeit

How the corona crisis leads to more sustainability

The Corona Virus pandemic is currently the global issue. Countries close their borders, citizens stay in quarantine. It is surprising that, despite all these circumstances, the Corona crisis leads to greater sustainability worldwide. The world is frozen. No people and no traffic in the streets. Almost all shops have closed, only the supermarkets and drugstores [...]

EU-Verpackungsrichtlinie Onlinehandel

EU packaging waste directive implications for e-commerce

As suggested by its name, the EU packaging waste directive is a directive by the European Union designed to govern the recycling of packaging waste in the EU member states... what does that mean for your e-commerce business?

Der Grüne Punkt Verpackungslizenz für Onlinehändler

The Green Dot – Should I use it for my e-commerce business?

Should you as an online retailer use the Green Dot on packaging? We've done some research...

Verpackungslizenzierung Mengenmeldung

Packaging data submission – How do I calculate my packaging quantities?

What is important for online shops when calculating packaging quantities for each EU country? Find out all you need to know in this article...

Verpackungslizenzierung in Europa - ecosistant

ecosistant is the new platform for e-commerce packaging compliance in Europe

Finally a low-cost and simple solution for e-commerce to fulfill packaging waste compliance requirements in all of Europe...