Entrepreneurs for Future Unternehmen Klimaschutz

Many companies unite against climate change. The school protests known as Fridays for Future started last year and had a major global impact on fighting the climate crisis. Under the label Entrepreneurs for Future, many companies have joined forces with the protesters against climate change.

Besides Fridays for Future and Scientists for Future, Entrepreneurs for Future is another movement to fight climate change. And the fact that entrepreneurs join the protests is absolutely crucial. Companies have a particularly large impact on climate, since they control the supply side of the economy. Their impact is especially visible in times like the corona crisis, when production is stopped and nature recovers. Therefore, for a real sustainable change, all companies must join forces to reach the climate targets set by scientists.

We joined Entrepreneurs for Future yesterday

More than 4,500 companies have already signed the statement of Entrepreneurs for Future. And we are now also part of this movement. In their statement, Entrepreneurs for Future demand a speed up of the transport and energy revolution. A shift towards a circular economy is also part of their program. It is most important that companies work together to meet the ambitious 1.5°C target set in Paris.

Especially many small companies fight against climate change

When looking through the list of members, a surprisingly large number of solo-entrepreneurs and startups has signed the statement. It is the same impression we get when taking a look at our customers. Especially small online retailers seem to care about packaging recycling laws in Europe. As often, it is the ones who have the least who make the largest contribution. Just like Fridays for Future, the sustainability movement seems to come from beneath. Let’s hope that larger companies will also fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

If you also want to sign the statement, you can do this here.

There is going to be another climate strike this Friday

This Friday, April 24, Entrepreneurs for Future will join forces with Fridays for Future once again to protest against climate change. However, due to the current circumstances, the protest is not going to look like on our picture. Instead, it is going to take place online. Protesters mobilize on the internet using the hashtag #ClimateStrikeOnline. We will also join Friday noon from 12:00 p.m. And we hope that many of you will join as well.

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