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We are ecosistant.

Your digital consultant for CSR & sustainable e-commerce.

As a tech-startup and consulting agency located in Berlin, we are the node point between recycling schemes and e-commerce sellers. Since 2020, we have helped thousands of e-commerce businesses fulfill their legal recycling obligations all across Europe.

We have a mission.

E-commerce in Europe must become easier and more sustainable!

We develop digital solutions to dismantle trade barriers of international e-commerce and to make recycling accessible to everyone. Our digital consulting service assists the compliance-management of e-commerce businesses and links them with the best recycling schemes across Europe. Thus, our customers can easily fulfill their legal obligation and CSR, and more packaging waste gets recycled.

Our mission: Online Shop Recycling Compliance

We know our roots.

From online seller for online sellers!

Our competitors are disposal firms, we have our origin in e-commerce. Neither legislators, nor disposal companies have had e-commerce in mind for a long time. This is why there had not been reasonable solutions for e-commerce brands to fulfill pan-European recycling laws. Thus, we use digitization to lower the price of consultation and mediation in the recycling field. We also lobby with the EU commission for reasonable reforms of the laws, which currently disadvantage SMEs, and we ask our customers to do so, too. The status-quo is neither sustainable for e-commerce, nor for our environment!

Onlineshop recycling compliance

We are visionaries.

A single portal to manage recycling compliance in all of Europe!

Recycling in Europe is a complex task. Laws, recycling schemes, and institutions have strict rules, many of which lead back to developments in the 1990’s. Even within the EU, each country has their own regulations. This is no longer timely in a world where international e-commerce is growing exponentially. Our digital compliance-service is only the beginning to finally unite e-commerce and recycling. We reinvest our earnings for further developments of our platform, to fully digitize processes and offer even more comfortable solutions for our customers.

Online Handel Recycling Compliance: ecosistant als Vordenker und Revolutionär

We live sustainability.

Having an sustainable impact is important to us, our partners, and our customers!

As a modern startup, having a positive impact on our environment is our core value. We also see this ambition in our partners and our customers. To reduce our carbon footprint from the start, we host our platform on servers in Germany and Finland which run on 100% sustainable energy. Our service connects sellers with recycling schemes and thus helps finance recycling schemes across Europe. Furthermore, we donate part of our earnings from each sale to our partner Eden Reforestation Projects for the planting of trees in Kenya, Mozambique and Madagascar.

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