unDraw free illustrations for websites

When creating a website with limited resources, many face one major obstacle: where to get cheap or free pictures for your website? We had the same problem, but then we discovered unDraw!

Any startup or online shop needs good pictures for their website. When we started working on our website, we didn’t have the budget to create high-quality pictures ourselves. We also found that stock photos were often very expensive. Moreover, free or cheap stock photos are usually massively overused. You tend to get this “I think I’ve seen these pictures before…” feeling. Thus, we were not really pleased with the first draft of our website. Our webdesign agency suggested to go for a ‘hip’ illustration style, which is often being used by startups and tech companies today. They recommended using illustrations from unDraw, and we loved it!

unDraw offers free open-source illustrations for websites

No matter if you want to build an e-commerce website, tech-startup website, or just a personal blog: unDraw is amazing! It is an open-source design project by Katerina Limpitsouni, and it offers a wide variety of illustrations and vector graphics for webdesign. Not only are the available illustrations very stylish, they are also completely free to use! The open-source license allows you to use the pictures even on commercial websites “without attribution or any costs”.

How to get website illustrations from unDraw

It’s simple. Head over to undraw.co/illustrations and scroll through their collection. Looking for something specific? Just use their search-function to search for buzzwords. You can also change the primary color of your illustrations in the upper right-hand corner to match your overall website design & brand identity:

unDraw free illsutrations for websites

This is our way to say thank you

We are extremely happy we found unDraw. Their free illustrations allowed us to build an appealing website without having additional cost for graphics design. That’s why I’m writing this blog post to say thank you. No matter if you want to build an e-commerce website, blog, or website for your company – or just need some fresh images for social media – I’m certain you can make use of unDraw, too. They already offer hundreds of free illustrations for websites, covering a wide variety of topics. And they keep adding new ones every now and then. Since all illustrations have the same distinctive style, they will make your look professional for sure. We can definitely recommend it!


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