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Hello World! We open our doors!

And we finally offer a low-cost solution for e-commerce to fulfill packaging waste compliance requirements in all of Europe. Sure, there are lots of consultants on the market specialized on packaging compliance in Europe already. Unfortunately, consultants are expensive, and only the minority of e-commerce businesses can afford those offers. That is one of the main reasons why so many online shops are not yet compliant with packaging compliance in Europe pursuant to the EU packaging waste directive – despite major compliance risks, such as monetary fines or interdiction of commerce. We hope our service can turn this around.

Packaging compliance in Europe must finally become affordable for e-commerce.

Since we have fully digitized the compliance consulting service, we can offer our services at prices “analogue” consultants can only dream of. Starting from just 19.99€, our customers get everything needed to be compliant with packaging legislation in Europe. This includes all information on legal obligations in each country, step-by-step guides on how to comply, and contact details of licensed compliance schemes where e-commerce packaging can be licensed. And the best part: ecosistant’s algorithm allows for each individual to get tailored information for their respective business needs. This reduces complexity and our customers do not lose precious time but can immediately act upon the manuals and get compliant.

In case you want to enjoy the “full service“ – we offer this, too!

Our premium service offers just what “real” consultants do: we perform all necessary registrations, communication with compliance schemes and data declarations in your name. This way, we can offer just the right service for anyone in e-commerce – no matter if big player or SMU/startup.

Let us know what you think about our service!

Are you active in the e-commerce industry? Do you offer shipment to customers abroad, possibly in multiple European countries? Do not hesitate to contact us! Let us know your opinion on ecosistant! Only by your feedback we can grow and enhance our services – to further simplify European packaging compliance for e-commerce businesses.

ecosistant Gründer Andreas Landes Johannes Kohlmann

The founders of ecosistant: Johannes Kohlmann (left) and Andreas Landes (right).