Anleitung: Das LUCID Verpackungsregister einsehen & registrieren | Packaging Register LUCID

The German ZSVR agency started the packaging register LUCID in January 2019. Since then, all companies that sell products to German consumers are required to register and declare their annual packaging weights. But how does registration in the LUCID register work, and how to navigate it? Here’s a quick LUCID tutorial:

Step-by-step: Registration in the packaging register LUCID

Are there any costs for the registration?

No, the registration is free of charge. Thus, there are no additional costs for companies attached with the obligation to register. We also wrote a short article on how to actually save cost on the obligatory packaging license in Germany.

How to register in LUCID?

First, access the English website of the LUCID packaging register here:

The information on the page may look overwhelming at first, but only a few steps are required to sign up your business. If you use this video tutorial, you will be done with the registration within a few minutes. What’s most important is that the law requires companies to register by themselves. That means no external consultant is allowed to do this for you – it must be done by a representative from within the company.

Here is a quick step-by-step video tutorial:


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You can find further manuals on how to get a packaging license and how to perform the annual data declaration with our digital compliance service. You can now use our service for the German packaging law free of charge.

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What information is publicly available in the packaging register LUCID?

The public as well as your competitors can view the following information:

  • Firm & company address
  • Contact data (Postal address, email, phone number)
  • LUCID register number
  • Date of entry or if applicable date of removal (You must inform the ZSVR if you stop your business activity in Germany)
  • The brands you sell

Of course, you can check the packaging register LUCID to find the same information about your competitors. What’s not publicly visible is the amount of packaging waste a company produces in a year or which recycling scheme it works with. These information are only necessary for ZSVR to control whether all market participants fulfill their obligations.

Other important packaging and waste registers

Many other EU member countries have established similar institutions as the German packaging register LUCID. This overview will help you find out where registration is necessary for your business:

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Amazon sellers and those on other marketplaces are now required to register in LUCID with a fixed deadline as well. Find out more:

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